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    Fellow employees

    Post by lastdino1 on Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:10 pm

    As I look at the various IBM forms it is apparent that a large number of my fellow employees have bitter feelings toward the company. It disappoints me considering we had all worked during a time where IBM was the king of the hill. We worked through the greatest growth and were rewarded for our efforts whether it be salaries or perks along with the many family oriented gatherings. Unfortunately the executives had made a lot of bad decisions and because of that many people were fired in order to save the company. But for those that survived they continued to reap the benefits of the company. Now for the most part we are all retired and living the rest of our lives with whatever pension and 401K plans we have. So being alive and enjoying you live and family should be your greatest reward of your past career with a company called IBM. Good luck and enjoy as this is my 10th year in retirement and I'm enjoying the fruits of my labor. LIG

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